Introduction and Definitions

The terms “we”, “us”, “our” and “the company” refer to Zumo A/S, Danish CVR no. 15116048, a Danish company organized and working under Danish law. We work to develop and offer online software for marketing use. The term “ZumoTools” refers to either the company Zumo A/S or to our online platform from which our marketing software is marketed, sold and administered. The term “Services” refers to the marketing software solutions we offer, our platforms and the solutions and services we provide. The terms “customer/client/user” refer to an individual (independent legal entity) that has registered with us in order to use at least one of our software solutions (Services). The terms “websites” and “sites” refer to websites and platforms, including www.ZumoTools.com, www.ZumoTools.dk, www.ZumoQR.com, www.ZumoQR.dk, www.ZumoLoyalty.com, www.ZumoLoyalty.dk and others that may be added later. The term “recipient” refers to those individuals whose contact information one of our users wishes to send an email, SMS, SMS+ or other type of campaign to. The terms “Information” and “Personal Information” refer to information about a user of our services. The terms “you” and “your” refer to the person reading this Privacy Policy, who may be a user of our services and/or a visitor to our websites but not yet a user of them. The terms “login area/backend” refer to the part of our website and services that the user gains access to via password and username from where they may access their Personal information and work with our Services.

Collection of Personal Information

User information
We gather information about our users when they register on our websites, utilize our services, place an order, sign up for our newsletters, fill out a form or answer a survey etc. When registering as a user or placing an order, the user may be requested to provide personal information. This information may be name, address, email address, phone number, credit card information and other types of information such as age, gender, preferences, occupation and other demographic information.

Onsite behavior and cookies
We also gather information on the behavior of users on our websites and services using cookies.
When a user visits our websites or registers, we may place a cookie – a string of code or data file – on their computer. A cookie is a passive file and cannot spread viruses or other harmful programs. A cookie stores information about the user’s behavior on our websites, enabling us to, for instance, recognize you when you return to our websites. We also gather information about such things as your browser type and version, the pages and features you visit and use and what Services you purchase. As a user, you are always able to disable cookies and remove cookies placed on your computer by following the instructions on removing cookies for the browser that is being used. If a user should block cookies, our website and services may have reduced functionality and some services may be unavailable. A cookie is a passive file and cannot spread computer virus or any other malicious programs. We collect and analyze this data on the onsite behavior of the users to improve our websites and services, ensuring a better future experience of our websites and services for the users. We may engage with third parties to help us analyze and understand these data. These third parties will have no right to use this data for any purpose other than assisting us in the improvement of our websites and business.

Financial information
We gather financial information on the user to ensure their creditworthiness and to collect payment from the user for products or services purchased. When a user makes a purchase or engages in a transaction with financial information on our websites, the user accepts that we pass on their financial information to the selected payment gateway.

Use of Personal Information
We use the gathered information for a number of different purposes. Among, but not limited to these, are:

  • Personalizing the user’s visits to our websites and services
  • Improving our websites, platform and services
  • Improving customer service
  • Improving transactions on our websites and services
  • Sending emails and optionally SMS messages upon orders/purchases
  • Sending system messages and alerts via both email and SMS message.
  • Helping us enforce our Terms/Terms of Use
  • Helping us protecting our rights and providing security for our websites, services, company, users, staff, offices etc.
  • Meeting legal requirements
  • Distributing personal and general emails and SMS messages (company news, system updates, information about related products, service information etc.)

Protection of Personal Information
We have implemented a number of security precautions to maintain and ensure the safety of the user’s personal information. This applies both to instances of the user making a purchase or entering, transmitting or accessing their information in the login area/backend.
All our services require both password and username to log in. When you are done using our services, please remember to click the “Log Out” button to avoid strangers using your computer and gaining access to information and services. Also make sure to store your password and username in a safe manner and never hand them over to a third party. All passwords are one-way encrypted/hashed, meaning that we are unable to resend them or relay them by phone. Users must follow the instructions on the website to receive a new password.
Credit card information is not stored on our servers. All card information is stored securely in our PCI-certified payment gateway which also performs all transactions. When you enter your card information, this takes place on an encrypted and secure page on our payment gateway.

Sharing and Transferring Personal Information
We will not disclose, sell or exchange the user’s information to a third party.
We may choose to collaborate with third party services providers that can help us improve our websites, platforms, services and marketing etc. Any third party must agree to keep the user information confidential. In case of the sale of the company to a third party, entirely or in part, the user’s information will be transferred to said third party. In this instance, the third party is obliged to adhere to this Privacy Policy.

The User’s access to their data:
At all times, the user will have access to the personal information shared by the user by way of password and username in the “login-area/backend”. Here, the user can both see and edit their own information. Should the user wish us to send this information to them by email we will do so within thirty days. We may elect to charge the user a fee for this service.

Acceptance of Policy
By using our site, platform or services, the user accepts this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy covers all data on the user gathered or being gathered by us, both before and after registration on our website and services.

Changes to this Privacy Policy
Should we decide to make changes to this Privacy Policy we will update this page. It is the responsibility of the user to stay current with the content of this page.
This Privacy Policy was last changed on Jan. 17, 2013.

Contact us
Zumo A/S - Denmark
Jens Baggesens Vej 47
8200 Aarhus Nord

Phone: +45 70 70 18 00
Mail: info@zumotools.com
Website: www.zumotools.com


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