Using QR codes successfully vol. 4

One QR code for various Facebook pages

In this edition of “Using QR codes successfully”, we explain how from a single QR code, you can guide people from different countries to your company’s country differentiated Facebook pages.

Many international companies use Facebook pages to promote their brand and product. Most global companies will often have created a Facebook page for each country/market, where the company is represented.
If the company creates a QR code with the Language Pointer feature from zumoQR, the company will be able, from a single QR code, to guide people from different countries automatically to the Facebook page of their language and area.
If, for instance, a company has created a Facebook page for both the English and Danish markets, the Danish speaking people will be directed to the Danish Facebook page, while the English speaking people will be directed to the English Facebook page.

Using QR codes with the Language Pointer feature is particularly effective, because the company's marketing department will be able to use the same QR code in all of their marketing material. This means that marketing employees will minimizing the risk of errors in QR code links and they will not lose track of which QR codes are used for which links.

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