Using QR codes successfully vol. 3

In this edition of “Using QR codes successfully”, you will gain insight into how you can benefit from using the Device Pointer feature in your marketing. As you probably already know, the Device Pointer is a feature that automatically registers which device, your customers are using, when scanning your QR code. When the QR code is scanned, the customers are automatically linked to different URLs depending on which device they use.

You can use the Device Pointer to:

  • Optimize effect
  • Download of apps
  • URL destinations determined by device
  • Save column space on printed ads
  • Save money on development

Optimize effect
You can use the Device Pointer feature for many different purposes, but most importantly, the feature allows you to guide your customers directly to content pages/landing pages, which are tailored to your customers’ devices.
This will provide the customers with a much better experience of your QR campaign, which ultimately will increase the effect and result of your campaign.

Download apps
Does your company have an app that can be downloaded on various app markets? If so, you should use QR codes with the Device Pointer feature, so customers are guided directly to your app at the app market that suits their specific device - for example, App Store, Google Play, Windows Marketplace and BlackBerry World.

URL destinations determined by device
Depending on the different smartphone devices, your content may be interpreted and displayed differently according to these devices. Therefore, you will want to use the Device Pointer feature to guide your customers directly to the content pages that are adapted to be shown on customers' devices.

Save column space on printed ads
With the Device Pointer feature you will only have to use one QR code. This means that you will avoid having to print multiple QR codes in the same ad, in order to guide customers to different URL destinations, such as app Store, Google Play, Windows Marketplace and BlackBerry World.

Save money on development
Many companies develop expensive mobile optimized "select device" landing pages, from which customers have to choose which device they use, before they are guided to, for example Google Play or App Store.
Using the Device Pointer feature, a company can skip the development of the mobile optimized "select device" page and guide customers directly to the app market that suits the customer’s device.


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