Using QR codes successfully vol. 2

Here are five useful things to keep in mind, when working with QR codes on a daily basis.

  • Use a 7% error correction for smaller QR codes
  • Use contrasting colors
  • Remember, your QR code should convey a message
  • Print and scan the QR code
  • Folders

7% error correction for smaller QR codes
If you are using smaller QR codes for, for example, packaging or business cards, you should create your QR code with a 7% error correction. By doing so, you will have optimized the scanner's reading of the QR code, even though the QR code is scaled down to a smaller size.

Use contrasting colors
You should always make sure that there is a color contrast between the QR code and the place where you wish to apply the QR code. By doing so, you will create a QR code that will be easier to scan.

Remember, your QR code should convey a message
Expand the effectiveness of your QR campaign by placing a written message with QR code.
The message could, for example be "Scan the QR code and receive your discount."

Print and scan the QR code
There are many factors that can be changed and modified, when working with your QR code.
Because of this, we always recommend that you make a print of the QR code, displaying the correct size and location and perform a test scan of the QR code, before mailing the QR code to your printer.

Divide your QR codes into diffirent folders, and create structure and a great overview over your QR codes.
You can benefit from naming your folders, for example using names such as customer names, campaigns, communication channels, etc.

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