QR Codes with vCard

With vCard your customers or business partners can scan a QR code and have your contact information transferred to their phones automatically. It is vCards, the clever and easy way!

When you generate a QR code with the vCard feature, you can use it wherever you want.
On your business cards, as an auto signature on your emails or as customer service information – your imagination is the only limit.

A quick and easy start:
- Generate a QR code with the information you want on your vCard
- Save the code
- Use it wherever you want

It’s easy!

Does size matter?
Yes, most definitely. To be sure that all smartphones can scan a QR code it should be no smaller than 1.5 by 1.5 cm (0.6 inches square). But make sure always to test your QR codes in the same size you plan on using them in. The more detailed a QR code is, the larger it needs to be to be scannable!

Create free and safe QR codes!

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From the free account your QR codes will be safe and work properly!
The Free account never closedown, and you always have access to the QR codes that you create from the account.





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