QR codes give new life to packaging

To get your product to the shelves of the retail market requires you to invest a lot of money and the marketing contribution is often substantial. If you are a supplier of foods for the retail market, for instance, you have probably often pondered how to streamline the costs you have in shipping your products and packaging to the retail market. The means are here now – they are QR codes. Your products and packaging are seen and purchased daily by thousands of consumers.

Now imagine that you place a QR code on your packaging. After the consumers purchase your product they are able to – from home and at their own pace – scan your QR code and from this receive information and messages with you as sender, and the information will be displayed directly on the consumer’s smartphone.

Why scan a QR code from product packaging?
There are plenty of ideas and ways for how to utilize a QR code to communicate with and market yourself to the consumers, but it is important that you remember to always provide the consumers with what they expect to receive or see when they scan your QR code. And, especially, inform them of what they stand to gain by scanning your QR code

• With video, show how your product is made and produced (behind the scenes)
• Provide information about product ingredients or other useful information – loved by the conscious consumer
• Tell the story behind the product through video
• Run sweepstakes or lotteries where consumers can win your product
• Create bonus and loyalty programs where consumers can sign up for your loyalty program
• Signups for newsletters etc.
• Entertain consumers with games, thematically built around your product
• Show TV ads
• Link to your Facebook page
• Conduct consumer research through questionnaires and gain knowledge from and about your consumers

Advantages to QR codes on packaging

QR codes...
• bridges the gap between packaging and the online world
• can link to videos, websites and landing pages displayed on smartphones
• can convey much more information than small packages allow space for
• can be designed small and can be adapted to packaging of different sizes
• can be designed specifically for packaging with colors, shapes etc.
• can be edited (changing the link online) in order to alter the message from the same QR code
• can generate analytics detailing number of scans and where in the world the individual QR code has been scanned

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