Communication is strengthened with QR codes

QR codes bridge the gap between the physical and the digital worlds. PR agencies can use QR codes to their advantage to strengthen, expand and prolong the lifespan of their clients’ promotional material, allowing customers to scan one or more QR codes from the printed PR material to receive in-depth information about companies, products, collections and so on.

Expand the promotional material with QR codes
The only limit to what you can show and present via QR codes is your imagination:

  • Products and product lines
  • Product and advertising videos
  • Entire collections
  • Company and brand profiles
  • Lookbooks

Working with QR codes should be easy!
If you need QR codes for your clients’ promotional material, a zumoQR account gives you access to a great tool that makes working with QR codes a breeze for you!

Create free and safe QR codes!

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    zumoQR is the most user-friendly management system on the market, when it comes to working with QR codes. With all the features that zumoQR offers, you will be able to manage QR codes yourself right from your zumoQR account.
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