Guide for the use of QR codes

There are a number of things to consider before you begin creating QR codes for your ads, printed materials, campaigns etc. In this guide zumoQR provides some good advice that might be worth considering before you generate QR codes.

Purpose of the QR code

• What is the purpose of the QR code – and what is it to be used for?
• How does the customer benefit from scanning the QR code?
• What should happen or be shown when the QR code is scanned?
• Do you need to create a landing page or a mobile website for the QR code?
• Which types of media (print advertisement, catalogue, website etc.) will the QR code be displayed on?
• Do you want to display a message along with the QR code and if yes, what message?
• What is the target audience you wish to see and scan the QR code?
• Is your target audience familiar with QR codes?
• Does your target audience have a QR code scanner in their smartphone – and what do you do if they do not?

Consider your format

Depending on the media type (screen, print etc.) your QR code will be used on, prior to generating the QR code you should make sure that your QR code can be delivered/generated in a format suitable for the chosen media type. If your QR code is to be used, for instance, on printed material, you might wish to choose the EPS format and so on.

Size of the QR code

If your QR code will be used for a large scale poster or banner, make sure that the QR code is delivered in a vector based and scalable format such as EPS. Read more about formats here!

Quality and error correction

Depending on the size of your QR code you will want to consider what quality/level of error correction you want your QR code to be delivered in. Choose a QR code provider that can deliver QR codes with varying degrees of error correction. Read more about error correction here!

Designing your QR code

If you wish to design your QR code (by inserting a logo into the code, for instance) you should choose a provider of QR codes that can deliver QR codes with varying degrees of error correction, suitable to your needs. Read more about designing QR codes here!


Do you want analytics and knowledge of the number of people that scan your QR code? Or do you wish to know which mobile devices have done so? Then make sure to have your QR codes generated from a provider that offers analytics for QR codes.
Read more about analytics here!

Changing the URL

Is your QR code linking to a website or landing page? Then you should keep in mind what you would do if the link were to suddenly work incorrectly or the URL for the website or landing page were to change. Always choose a QR code provider that offers you the option of changing the URL and avoiding errors.Read more about changing URLs here!

Messages for the QR code

When working with QR codes you should communicate what the customer gets out of scanning the QR code and/or what the customer can achieve by doing so. Consider if you want to include a message with your QR code and if you do, what this message should be.

Tell your customer about QR code scanners

Although QR codes are rapidly gaining in popularity it is not certain that all of your target audience will know about QR codes and/or QR code scanners. Consider whether you wish to include information on how to download a scanner from the App store, Google play etc. alongside the QR code.

Targets / Objectives

When you choose to utilize a QR code you will naturally have an expectation as to a final result. Consider what you feel a satisfying result would be and measure it according to the performance, number of scans, number of signups etc. of the QR code.  In other words, what returns do you wish to see from your use of the QR code?



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