Free QR code generator

At the frontpage of the zumoQR website you will find zumoQR’s Free QR code Generator.
The QR code Generator is free to use and you do not have to create a zumoQR account (Free Account or Business Account) in order to create QR codes. zumoQR has chosen to develop a QR code generator and put it to your disposal for free in the attempt to spread the knowledge of QR codes and the many advantages of utilizing QR codes in your marketing.
With the Free QR code Generator you can create QR codes with different features. For instance you can link to websites, automatically call certain numbers, send SMS messages, send emails or create v-cards/contact information. All QR codes generated with the Free QR code Generator can be downloaded in a PNG file format.

No security, back-up or statistic

When using the Free QR code Generator from the zumoQR website frontpage you will not get any security, backup or statistic of your QR codes. We therefore recommend you to create a Free Account or a Business Account for your
QR codes.

Create free and safe QR codes!

Create a free account where you can create QR codes with unlimited scans.
From the free account your QR codes will be safe and work properly!
The Free account never closedown, and you always have access to the QR codes that you create from the account.





    With a free zumoQR account you will gain access to a great QR code management system, in which you can create QR codes that are completely ad-free and always work. The Free Account will never be closed!
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    With your zumoQR account, you are only a few clicks away from viewing real-time statistics on your QR codes. This way you can always get an insight on the scans and performance of your QR codes.
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    zumoQR is the most user-friendly management system on the market, when it comes to working with QR codes. With all the features that zumoQR offers, you will be able to manage QR codes yourself right from your zumoQR account.
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