Bulk, get lots of QR codes!

If you need to use many QR codes, for instance for catalogs, customer letters, mail merge , etc. it can be an advantage to order Bulk QR for creating your QR codes . By doing so, you will avoid having to create all your QR codes individually , allowing you to save both time and money while simultaneously minimizing the risk of errors.
Bulk QR works to your advantage if you need more than 20 QR codes at the same time.

This is how it works...
When you order Bulk QR and want to create QR codes using the Bulk feature, zumoQR will create all your QR Codes for you, based on your specifications in an excel sheet . Subsequently the QR codes will be placed in a folder on your zumoQR account and you will be able to, with just one click, to download all your QR codes together (or individually) in the file formats EPS, PDF, SVG and PNG.
All QR codes come with dynamic URL, statistics, and in your desired sizes, error correction and color.

Advantages using the Bulk feature

  • The QR codes are created at once - saving you time and money
  • Each QR code can link to different URLs
  • Each QR code can be created with a unique title name
  • All QR codes can be downloaded simultaneously from your folder
  • QR codes can be used for catalogs, customer letters, mail merge, etc.
  • QR codes will be provided in the file formats EPS, PDF, SVG and PNG.
  • You will avoid errors and hassle
  • You decide the color and error correction

Requirements for the Bulk feature
For access to the Bulk feature, you must have a zumoQR Business account with folders.
You will need to contact zumoQR for information and ordering.

The price depends on how many QR codes you need. Therefore please contact zumoQR for sale!
Contact zumoQR customer service here!


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    With your zumoQR account, you are only a few clicks away from viewing real-time statistics on your QR codes. This way you can always get an insight on the scans and performance of your QR codes.
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    zumoQR is the most user-friendly management system on the market, when it comes to working with QR codes. With all the features that zumoQR offers, you will be able to manage QR codes yourself right from your zumoQR account.
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