QR code management with many different features!

Create, manage and analyze your QR codes from only one account.

zumoQR is the most user friendly management system for QR codes on the market. With a zumoQR account you can create,
adjust and change QR codes, see real time statistics and you will have access to many other great features, such as…

  • Dynamic QR codes

    Create dynamic QR codes - you can change the URL whenever you want to.

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  • Unlimited QR codes

    With a zumoQR Business account you will have access to create an unlimited amount of QR codes.

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  • Statistics & Analytics

    Real-time statistics and analytics on all your QR codes. View performance and value – on the go!

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  • Many QR code features

    Using zumoQR, you will be able to create QR codes with many great and usable features.

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  • Safety & Backup

    It is safe and secure to create QR codes using zumoQR and we create backups several times a day.

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  • Folders for QR codes

    Use Folders to organize your QR codes - create structure and overview.

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  • Easy QR code management

    With a zumoQR account you will get the world’s most user-friendly system for managing QR codes.

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  • One account, multiple users

    With a zumoQR Business Account multiple users will be able to gain access to the same account.

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  • QR codes in vector and bitmap

    Download your QR codes in EPS, PDF, SVG and PNG – with just one click.

  • Unlimited number of scans

    With an unlimited number of scans, your QR codes will always work.

  • Create QR codes in color

    Create QR codes in color using zumoQR, without having to consult a graphic designer!

  • Customer Service

    zumoQR provides customer service and support every weekday.

  • Statistical reports

    With just one click, you can download statistical reports about the performance of your QR codes!

  • URL Random

    Create QR codes that display random URLs - effective for marketing events!

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  • URL Daytimer

    Set QR codes to replace the URL 96 times a day – it will loop automatically every day!

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  • URL Timer

    Set QR codes to replace the URL on different times and dates - automatically!

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  • Language Pointer

    Create QR codes with automatic language detection - Strong communication!

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  • Device Pointer

    Create QR codes with automatic device detection - Effective for downloading apps!

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  • Custom Brandname

    Shows the company's URL when QR codes are scanned - that's good branding!

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  • Bulk, get lots of QR codes!

    Save time, money and avoid the hassle and errors!

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    With a free zumoQR account you will gain access to a great QR code management system, in which you can create QR codes that are completely ad-free and always work. The Free Account will never be closed!
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    With your zumoQR account, you are only a few clicks away from viewing real-time statistics on your QR codes. This way you can always get an insight on the scans and performance of your QR codes.
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    zumoQR is the most user-friendly management system on the market, when it comes to working with QR codes. With all the features that zumoQR offers, you will be able to manage QR codes yourself right from your zumoQR account.
    Get to know all the features here!

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