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CEO of Loyalitetsbureauet, Nicolaj Balle Ladiges, says: ”It’s been surprisingly difficult to maintain an overview of the many QR codes used by our clients. At the same time, it’s sometimes been necessary to change the URL of the QR codes; something we discovered wasn’t an easy process.
Delivering fast analytics to our clients was also a major challenge, requiring manual tracking and Google Analytics for numbers on every single code. This is been costly and time consuming, for us as well as for our clients.”

“With the zumoQR administration system these problems have been solved in a straightforward and transparent way that has also given us a complete overview over the QR codes of all our clients. Today, everyone in our organization can generate QR codes in the same system. As soon as a code has been generated, the statistics are available immediately, and we avoid spending time and technical resources on Google Analytics – and of course, it’s also a major advantage that we are able to replace an URL with a new one, something which has given our clients far more marketing options and the ability to create more dynamic campaigns.”

“In brief, we save a lot of time and resources for both ourselves and our clients. This goes for a code generated with the wrong URL as well as for us having a complete overview of every code, having analytics at hand and at the same time measuring which campaigns perform as good as possible”, Nicolaj Balle Ladiges concludes.




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