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Hairstylists across Denmark are currently experiencing a lot of interest from different smartphones. 400 posters decorate Danish hairstyling salons, and a new QR code management system, zumoQR, gives the posters an added 2013 dimension.

QR codes are most definitely on the rise as an efficient marketing tool. The labyrinthine figure can be spotted in more and more places and is being used in many different creative ways. Among other things the QR codes have the fantastic ability to easily bridge the gap between off- and online media, while at the same time giving traditional printed advertising a modern and current dimension.

ZUMO A/S has developed zumoQR, a Danish QR code system for the administration and handling of QR codes. There are many advantages to using zumoQR. For example, a user can use their own log in to generate QR codes, change URLs for existing QR codes, view analytics for each of their codes, add notes and much more. The system quite simply provides freedom, control and overview of the QR codes used for different purposes, such as marketing campaigns etc.

Bella Vista has specialized in articles for the hairstyling industry successfully for many years. For the new campaign featuring Schwarzkopf’s new men’s collection ”[3D]MENSION” they want to create both a campaign that’s both on- and offline. This is why Bella Vista has chosen to use the codes in their campaign material, allowing everyone with a smartphone and a QR reader application to see a fantastic video promotion for the Schwarzkopf product.

Marketing director for Bella Vista, Signe Petersen, says:

”It’s with great satisfaction that we use zumoQR for the handling of our QR codes. The system gives us a large degree of freedom giving us with one click, independently of SEO professionals, analytics of the number of people who use and scan the QR codes on our marketing materials.”

As of writing this, Bella Vista’s Schwarzkopf posters have only been in stores for a few days, but because of the QR codes and the analytics behind them it is already clear that the posters, and in particular the QR codes, are being seen. The codes quite simply provide the possibility of measuring the impact of printed advertisement, something that up until now has almost only been possible for digital media.





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