Avoid free QR code generators

A lot of people and a lot of businesses still generate free QR codes on random websites that offer this service.
But what looks like a cheap solution can quickly end up costing a lot.
So think carefully before you generate your next free QR code.

Will your QR code have ads in it?
Do you know the company behind the website that lets you generate free QR codes?
You most likely do not. What is your certainty that advertisements for other companies or competitors are not shown every time your QR code is scanned?
- Nothing in this world is free!

You lose control of your QR codes!
By creating free QR codes in a random generator on the internet you quite simply lose control of your QR code.
You do not have any direct way of changing the URL of the QR code if the need should arise – which it most likely will.

No analytics for your QR code
If you are a wiz at analytics programs such as Google Analytics, you can probably just enter Google tags on your free codes, or you could get a SEO specialist to do it. The only problem with this is that it takes time (which equals money) to create Google tags and to gather and extract figures every time you wish to see analytics for the use of the QR code, numbers of scans and so on. Add to that that statistics from Google Analytics, for example, don’t provide the immediate option of showing analytics that detail the addresses or areas where your QR code has been scanned, something that is useful knowledge and information when it comes to measuring the efficiency of your QR campaigns.

No backup of your QR code
Should you be unfortunate and have your computer crash (who is not familiar with that?) you will not have a backup of your QR code.
You will then need to create yet another “free” QR code, which in the end will lead you to losing your overview of which QR codes are used for different purposes, campaigns etc.

Create free and safe QR codes!

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